Fetch, promises... polifyll with webpack

Im a little confused about how webpack transpiler works.
Im using laravel mix to compile and transpile js to code compatible with older browsers.
I know it allows me to use some es6 functionalities like arrow functions, but im not sure it it allows me to use other lithe fetch api.
Could you give me some information about this.
Should i get some additional polyfills in order to use this?

Thank you.

Webpack is the module bundler, Babel is the transpiler. It converts modern versions of ECMAScript JS to JS. It doesn’t, can’t convert arbitrary browser APIs like fetch. Promises are in the spec, and do get transpiled.

Alternatives? GitHub’s fetch polyfill, Axios, jQuery, there are lots

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Nice, i think now i understand it better.
So the fetch api is not something that depends on js but the browser.
At the moment im using jquery, but im triying to get rid of jquery, thats why im looking for alternatives.
Thank you!