File Metadata Microservice - I don't understand the purpose of this project?

I’m working through this project and I noticed something. When I try to upload a file, the control has a file list which contains the size of the file in bytes. So why do we even need the server component? We don’t need to compute the size server-side since it is already on the client.

Maybe they want us to learn how to do it server side just because, so I will still do it that way, leaving it to be done locally does seem like cheating, or maybe I am missing the point of this entirely.

Though I have been thinking about extending the functionality. Would there be a way to get any and all possible metadata, not just file size? I know there is an npm package for getting EXIF data, but not all file formats support EXIF. I am guessing I can just return the file size for non-EXIF file formats, and all possible metadata on EXIF-supported formats.

This is the only reason I can think of as well. If you have a more useful project that involves uploading files, then you’re definitely welcome to do that instead. Share it here, and if the idea is popular enough, maybe the assignment can be changed!