FileNotFoundError in PyCharm

Hi, Ive hit a problem in PyCharm that I can’t figure out. I’m following Mikes Python 4 hr tutorial and I’m trying to read a file.
I’m running this in a file called CustomerInput which I s what I write all my code in and run it, and then save the code into a more specfic filename, as you can see in the screenshot.
PyCharm is telling me it can’t find the file and I can see it, hopefully you can too. I’m very new to Python and new to coding in a console and running it instantaneously, so please be easy on me. I’ve tried putting single ’ around the file name, Ive tried moving the r and having single ’ around it. Sometimes it gets past the filename and doesnt recognise the “r”.

Hopefully you can see the screenshot.

Can someone advise me what I should do please?

thanks in advance

Hi all,

I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong. In the video Mike said that he was in an file and at the time I didn’t realise this was important.

It is important.

I set up a new root level structure and created an file in there, and the file I was looking for, and the appy.file could find the file I was looking for.

If you are reading this then thank you for looking


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