Fill in the Blank with Placeholder Text - no paste in context menu

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Tried to copy and paste the text into the html but there is no paste option in my context menu. There’s a ‘cut’ and ‘copy’, but no ‘paste’. What’s up with that? I use copy/paste all the time, why am I being forced to type by hand when I should be able to copy/paste? Even opened up the inspector and pasted directly into the enclosing span tag, but it don’t like that. Refused to even admit the text was there, even though I could see it on the screen. Then, of course, when I hit the help option, it spit out the code below, which was not what I was looking at on the screen. wtf? If firefox still had a decent debugger, I’d paste the text directly into the string buffer, but since they got rid of Firebug, firefox has been virtually useless in that regard.

From looking at other messages here, people seem to be implying that they are able to paste, but no such option here. Well, thanks for letting me rant. Ya’ll take care.

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<h1>Hello World</h1>


<p>Hello Paragraph</p>

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Yep, the test expects us to try and write down the code by our own, but still we can use CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste into the html, but i suggest writing the syntax by our own and we can copy paste those text para like in this test, but in learning point of view its good to type down the syntax

Duh! (slap to forehead). I completely forgot about the ctrl keys. I run linux here and tend to rely on the mouse for copy/paste. Thanks for reminding me…:slight_smile: