Find one or more criminals in hunt - greedy regex

Can someone help me out here, I think I need to use .match on a variable in order to complete the other tests, but I don’t understand how I would get the crowd data or what to write for this. Or whether I need to and the challenge is accepted just by writing a regex?

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let reCriminals = /C+.*/g; // Change this line

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Challenge: Find One or More Criminals in a Hunt

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Hi @n1a ,

The challenge is accepted by just writing the regex.
But if you want to see for yourself what the regex matches, you could do a console.log as below:

let reCriminals = //your regex here
let str = 'P6P2P7P4P5CCCCCP3P1'

As you will be able to see from the console that your regex matches more than just

Hope this helps


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