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it does not work

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// Example
var firstNameLength = 0;
var firstName = "Ada";

firstNameLength = firstName.length;

// Setup
var lastNameLength = 0;
var lastName = "Lovelace";

// Only change code below this line.
var lastName='RenoMorr';
lastNameLength = lastName; 


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You did not follow the instructions. You are supposed to assign the length of lastName to the variable named lastNameLength.

You have written a line which has the length, but you must do the assignment.

Hi camper , why you changed lasteName to another value , and in the test they don’t say to you do that ,
you have to let it as it is , what you should do is to count the length of it ,
the length retuns the number of how much letters they are in the string ex:

let str="Hello";
let  howMuch=str.length;\\ expected output is 5 because it starts counting from 1 ,it is one based index
let resutlt=howMuch; \\here I assigned the variable howMuch to result so result have now value  **5** in it ;

It is mind boggling for me to even grasp what is needed…I did lessons before fast…but this one i cant grasp the concept…
This .length command…
I just dont get it if you can see that the name is lets say 8 characters…why you need to display it?
THe result should be 8…should I use var and use name with 8 characters?

So in the example on that page

// Example
var firstNameLength = 0;
var firstName = “Ada”;

firstNameLength = firstName.length;

result is 3? firstNameLength is = to the number of characters in the name ADA
But above line var firstNameLength = 0; completely destroys my logic…it is set to 0 so how can it be 3 later on?

Solved it is so easy…but I overcomplicated the whole thing