Find the Longest Word in a String... JS


im doing the exercise for js but in this case my code is working on my computer not in the page :S

function findLongestWordLength(str) {
  let i = [...str]; 
  let contador = 0; 
  let contadorBase = 0; 
  i.forEach((celda,index) => {
    if(celda === " " || index+1 === i.length){
      if(contador >= contadorBase){
        contadorBase = contador; 
        contador = 0; 
      	contador = 0; 
  return contadorBase;

console.log(findLongestWordLength("What if we try a super-long word such as otorhinolaryngology "));

this returned 19 but the freecodecamp’s test fail… i try not to see the “solutions” unless i really don’t know what to do… any idea why this hasn’t passed the test?


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@Tkmanga Your are not correctly dealing with the case where the longest word in the string is the last word (like in the final test).

thanks ! ill try to use that

mmm in the conditional
if(celda === " " || index+1 === i.length)
if the array ends or is a white space, the 2nd count is replace with the actual count (if the actual count is longer than the 2nd)