Finding a Remainder in JavaScript 2

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ive tried evrything

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// Only change code below this line

var remainder ;
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The code you shared does nothing except initialize an empty remainder variable. Without knowing what solution(s) you have actually tried and thought would work, we can’t help.

var Remainder = 11 % 3 = 2
var Remainder = 11 / 3 =2

% is an operator the same way that + and - are operators.
If the instructions told you to “Set someVar equal to the sum of 2 and 3” you wouldn’t do

var someVar = 2 + 3 = 5;

You would just do

var someVar = 2 + 3;

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// Only change code below this line

var remainder;
var x = 11;
var y = 3;
var z = x % y;

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Set remainder equal to the remainder of 11 divided by 3 using the remainder (%) operator.

What are x, y and z? As the OP did earlier this year, you have an undefined variable remainder, you haven’t set the value of it to anything

thank you i corrected my mistake i suppose to
var remainder = 11 % 3;
something like that