Finished another game: A Simon-like game

Hi there,

I’ve just finished another game. I tried to make it a little different. I’m not very satisfied with the results, but I gotta move on :slight_smile:

Here it is:

Any feedback is of course very welcomed!


I haven’t really looked at the code, but a missing comma on line 426 did catch my eyes (const { active,click } = props;). d:

I think the design is nice and simple (and by that I mean I really like it—that’s a nice use of clip-path) and it plays well, too! The only suggestion I have is that the player should not be able to click on the game area immediately after the last item in the sequence—it is possible to cause a game over at the moment if the player clicks just once to many (and too quickly). Otherwise, it’s awesome and I’ve learnt a few things, too! :smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

I don’t see the missing comma on that line. I’ve double checked it right now and it’s written like this:

const { active,click } = props;

I thought about the last click, but I considered it to be more precise if the user must click the las step exactly and no more clicks hehe

Again, thank you for your feedback!

Oh! I’m so sorry! I was meant to say missing space. d:

Ah yes! I didn’t prettify it hehehe thanks!