Finished JavaScript calculator using React

Hi everyone. I finished my calculator. You can look at I would appreciate anyone who will test and evaluate my work.

wow that’s awesome nice try i really like what you’ve done back there thumb’s up

Here you go then:
injashkin your calculator:

I think its better if you change the color of the equal sine.
When you make an account, the calculator shows the final value twice.
About the division by 0 I say you the same thing that I said to stel: When you divide by 0 you can’t say is infinite, because currently its not defined if is infinite or other thing, so my advice is when you divide something by 0 put “Its not possible to divide by 0”.

Thanks for feedback! I was doing a project functionally similar to the There is also repeated twice the final value. As for zero, I agree, it needs to be changed. Although on the link the result is - infinity. I don’t bother with color. The main thing is functionality.

Nice job! :+1:

  • For mobile stuff, please go to pen settings -> html -> insert viewport meta tag -> save & close.
  • On the display with what you typed, IMO the background should be a bit lighter:
  • On the buttons, what about a different border? :smiley: Maybe 1px solid white?
  • Great job! :tada:

Thank You Steffan153.
As far as I understand, I have to enter the following: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">?.
How about this background?
With the boundaries of the buttons I have not yet figured out, as they automatically sets Bootstrap. Can someone tell me?

Wow! Impressive functionality and style!

I love how you space you calculator’s buttons. Your colors are really great, too.
If you could put a green space at the top of the calculator’s screen to hide the previous step, that’d be great.

Sorry, forgot to update the code. How now?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Actually bootstrap does not set the button styles, since you didn’t use Bootstrap classes on it. Simply set border: 1px solid white on buttons.

Nice. :sunglasses:

When I do so, disappears the effect of pressing.

Anyone tell me why on the website this calculator has large numbers and buttons
and here labels on buttons small