Finished my tribute page - Appreciate your feedback :)

Hello everyone!
I just finished my Tribute Page assignment:
Wow, this is so much fun :slight_smile:
This is my very first webpage I made, so I really appreciate your comments.

Congrats with your first page! Great that you’re having fun with it :grinning:

As for comments: all the basics are there, and it looks really good for the first page ever. There’s one problem however. Your image doesn’t show for me. I see you have the image hosted on Dropbox, and I can’t access your dropbox :slight_smile: I’m not sure how dropbox works, and how you can give people access to it, and if that’s easy to do. The other option is to place the image somewhere else, in a public place, where everyone can access it.

Thanks Morrighain!
Ah yes, did not think about that… I actually already struggled with this whole ‘storing images issue’ during making of the page. I now hosted the image on my Github page, which should be public. Hope that works now!

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