Finished my Tribute Page... I think

So I started freecodecamp a couple days ago. I’ve tried a few other courses prior to this so I was able to go through the first few categories pretty quickly, This is the first time i’ve made something “from scratch”, thats usually where I get too caught up in the details and execution rather than actually attempting a project.

My tribute page is about The Notorious B.I.G. Any feedback or tips would be appreciated. I feel like it looks a little… unorganized on a pc browser, mobile looks better for some reason, but not great.

Thanks in advance for any tips, criticism or feedback!

For someone who just started a few days ago, I have to say you have done a tremendous job! The layout is nice and clean, well balanced, and the text is easy to read. The image is a little large, but I feel that it contributes to the theme of the page “BIG”!

No critical comments to make - you did great. Keep up the good work, I am excited to see what else you make in the future!

Hey thank you so much for the kind words! I thought the image was a bit large as well, but like you said, It’s BIG!