Finished my Tribute page!

Today has been spent doing the Tribute Page challenge. I had many grand ideas in my head, unfortunately for me, it was a challenge to even get a basic idea down and working! I’m happy with what I’ve done in a short span of time. . .I know that one day in the future it will take me a 10th of the time to do something this basic, right!

Here is the link to it:

Any suggestions for improvement will be greatly received. . .although not acted upon today as we are having a strange weather phenomenon here in the UK. . .Sunshine! :sun_with_face:

Hey @codebarron, Good Job. Just an example below in terms of structuring your HTML5 code.
This approach, not set in stone but one of the many ways to structure your code semantically. hope this helps…

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>"title goes here..."</title>
<link href="css link here"/>
      <main id=#wrapper>
        <section id=#mainContent>
             <p> main content goes ......</p>
             <p>footer content goes here...</p>
             <script src"javascript link here"> </script>

Hey Azdrian thanks for taking the time to look at my code and for providing feedback! I do structure my code in the way you suggested usually. I wrote my code in and then copied it into codepen and didn’t check the structure afterwards. I shall in the future! And you reminded me about the section tag too, which I forgot about so thanks again!