Finished URL Shortener -- Code Review

I didn’t focus too much on the front-end stuff, but I think I think it’s enough to be intuitive :slight_smile:


Can someone take a look at my app.js code? I am not sure if I can clean up the code better.

Any inputs will be appreciated!

Hey there, I had look at your code I don’t get why you are making two collections calls to the urls then lookups collection.

If I was you I would do something like make it easier with your mongoose schema like

  _id: ...
  longurl: {
    type: String,
    unique: true
  shorturl: {
    type: String,
    unique: true

That way your db will throw an error when you insert a shorturl or longurl that is already in the db. Also I think you could do your url validation in mongoose by creating an your own schema type.

another thing is either to hide your connection string. i.e require the string in and put it in .gitignore because from my home I can get into your heroku db

$ mongo mongodb://yourstringinyourgitfile
> db.urls.drop() // uh oh!
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Here is a nice website helps you generate gitignore files depending your project type.
I use it for my ASP.Net projects.

Create useful .gitignore files for your project

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Thanks for the taking your time looking at my code!
Yeah I’ve definetaly over-thought the logic behind this. I think I was trying to make it like a relational-database, which is probably why I made two collections instead.

Doh! I forgot about hiding the mongodb connection. I knew I was missing something…

Thanks again!

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Yep! I forgot about to put .gitignore for my db connection :slight_smile: Thanks !