Firefox password feature not working with PHP


I am doing a PHP forum using firefox browser. Everything password based works with other websites I use, except for this project I am doing. The password is automatically autocompleted once I load the site, and no measures such as autocomplete=“off”, changing password, and firefox options work. I have defined and then changed it, and after this also I removed the passwords saved by the browser, yet, it makes no difference. Also, I did exceptions on the save password setting, which also did not work. Any suggestions?

Probably there’s 1 thing that should work straight off the bat, besides dropping Firefox for another browser/
Use the private browser setting

This can be achieved by going to the menu and clicking on new private window or by clicking the shortcut ctrl+shift+p

This should provide you with a “clean” browser that caches nothing, and allows you to not auto-fill the form your working on. You can also turn on the disable http cache (when toolbox is open) to prevent the browser from caching other things during the session as well.
You should be able to remove the password saved for this site within the firefox settings, which is odd if that didn’t work. (No add-on password managers right?)

Also just to be sure were talking about when you go to the sites login page your password is “auto-filled” in the password box right? We aren’t talking about any other possible situations, like your session being cached and just thrown into the forum.

Hope that helps, goodluck :smiley:

Yes you are on the issue. The forum to work has to be manageable in normal browser conditions however, since people normally use browser like this. I already disabled the cache and removed the password on normal browser, and now tryed it in private but same result, it maintained autocomplete. Really don’t know more what else to do

Here are the files concerning the issue from the files of forum:

<?php //CONFIG $base_dados="micro_forum"; $host="localhost"; $user="root"; $password="1234"; ?> <?php //ENTRADA echo '


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Nome de utilizador:


'; ?>