First attempt at responsive development- tribute page

Hello fellow campers,

I started with FCC very recently and after getting done with the basic html, css and a little bit of Bootstrap, I tried to create this page

Please let me know what can be done to make it better. Any kind of criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome.


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Thank you so much. Okay, regarding the next project, the portfolio page, I’m trying to cover the entire bootstrap in detail so that I can use more and more of proper components (damn! Bootstrap is loaded with goodies) because while creating the first page, the only things I was aware of were the grid system and wells. I struggled a lot to place the picture perfectly and hence this time, I’m taking my time to explore bootstrap in details. Is my approach correct or would you recommend otherwise/additionally?

I surely would keep that in mind. I’ve tried a little of media queries and although it’s a little bit more of coding, I actually enjoyed customizing the entire thing according to the device width but as you recommend, I’d stick to bootstrap as of now and look for more customization later on. Thanks so much, sir! :slight_smile: