First FCC Project "Tribute Page"

Hey everyone this is my take on the Tribute Page project. It isn’t necessarily a tribute, rather for awareness purposes.

Interesting choice of colours and font. Have you heard the phrase “red and green should never be seen”?
The content of the page is very good, however I wouldn’t describe it as a ‘tribute’.

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I appreciate the feedback.I have not heard that phrase before. I have considered changing the color, I’ll play around with it. I definitely wouldn’t describe it as a tribute as I’ve stated that its more of an informative page for awareness purposes.

I’ve changed those colours and its description to alleviate any confusion!

hey guys so for my first project I created a tribute page for Percy Julian.

See the Pen FCC - Tribute Page by Florin (@tinderla) on CodePen.

what do you think about it? :grin:

@FlorinSenoner You are better off writing a new post asking for feedback rather than replying to this one.

However, I think it is fine.