First Job Stories:that didn't end well

Would anybody like to share stories, about their first job as a developer, specifically if the experience didn’t end well and what all you got to learn from the same?

I had started as a developer 6 months ago, but a certain things accounted to my realization that perhaps it wasn’t for me, and I should start exploring other opportunities as well.
I was fresh out of college, and had this idea that having a tech job,irrespective of the profile, would be the only way that I could get into the tech industry.
I realize now, that you need have a little clarity, when it comes to looking for jobs, be a little more specific with respect to what job profile interests you, and more over, do you have the necessary skills that are required for you to actually work in that profile.
I would appreciate any other tips that could help me in the future.


Yeah all your right , keeps moving forward learn more slowly everything will be getting into the shape