First Portfolio! Feedback! Thanks :)

Hey, this is the last project of the responsive web design certification, can’t wait to read feedbacks :v::face_with_monocle:
Thank you in advance.


Most looks good. The title I think you might want to add in a seprate box element with some padding. W3Schools has some HOWTO samples Just so you know you can use templates like I have used from this tutorial

So your site which you’ve shown us you could use it on Github Pages which is quite easy to use and saves you from having to pay for a hosting provider. Also it helps keep all your projects centralized.

With your site you can already add it as a Github repository. I used to hate using Git but using the free Git book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub made that easier.

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It is a nice portfolio. However, the PHP Documentation page may be a bit hard to read for some people in terms of visual design. The font style/size can either be adjusted for a clearer display.

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Thank you for your feedback, thanks also for the tips and the link x) i just started watching the video, and will look for the book too it will surely help me to get easily into git hub. :v::pray:

Am totally ok with you, the Technical Documentation Page project was the one i hated the most, working on it took me lot of time x), even I’ll try to fix it to a better one visually :pray::v: thank you for your feedback