First project. Newbie of 3 weeks


I just started coding for the first time 3 weeks ago with 0 experience and have just finished my first assignment ‘Tribute Page’.
This took me roughly 8 hours and majority of my time was spent reading how to do things or watching video guides. I really struggled with positioning things, images, paragraphs, headers, quotes. Also knowing what type of html or bootstrap to use to achieve a certain look. I tried to mimic the example as closely as possible.
If I could please get some feedback on how you think I went for my first project in regards to time frame and end result.
I also know I may not have used the most convenient techniques to achieve the end result and or used strategies which might be considered bad in the industry. If you are a willing soul and are wanting to help me a lot I would greatly appreciate an in depth breakdown on my coding techniques. If not that is also ok :slight_smile:

My goal is to join a team in a few months or when I feel confident I have the basics either as an intern or as a junior, so I think learning the basics and best practice is important as I don’t want to have messy or unorthodox work.

Link to example:

Link to my project (!WARNING, my tribute is to the burning man):

P.S. I am not even sure if the link I supplied for my project will work or if it is the correct one. If you are having troubles please let me know.

hello @Leffers90!
good job
keep it up

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hello @Leffers90
check my tribute page:

hello @Leffers90
check my random joke machine

any feedback or such an advice needed

When the page loads i will just show a first quote to the user not a blank one. You can do it 2 ways: hard coded in html or move your api call into a separate function witch you must call in the doc.ready and the btn click event.

thanks for suggestion