First Project: Tribute Page!

Hey guys. Just finished my tribute page and I’m really embarrassed to post it here because of the topic I picked (was really bored at the time and wasn’t planning on posting it here). Any advice would be great, thanks!

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help! this page is hurtiing my eyes :frowning: please change the colours

whats wrong with grey and red?

well what happens if a colour blind person will look at your site?

So is it just better to always leave it black and white?

what did the lessons after CSS tell you? you had this material before

Thanks for pointing that out. I have changed the colors to have a better contrast ratio. Any other advice would be really appreciated.

I do some little check for your Pen. In my opinion, your page could be better if you also make the p element responsive (Check Make Typography Responsive material). Keep it up, dude! And I am just finished my first project too. It would be fantastic if you check my Pen below and leave a review about it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m still new myself so I am not really the guy to ask but I think your page is great! I really like the layout, good job dude!

I don’t understand why there are bullets listed under the Pineapple Pros <ul class="tribute info"> tag. Also the text in<h5 class="more-info> overflows to the left of my full screen view, also the “Pineapple on Pizza Pros” and “Pineapple on Pizza Cons” text overlaps on my smaller browser window view. I personally like the grey background, it really makes the pizza photo pop, but maybe instead of a solid grey page you could have had your main content take the center of the page and have the body a different color to offset some of the grey…so you would have maybe an 1/8 of each side of the page a different color. Even black…I am terrible at color schemes personally, and I think pineapple on pizza was a great contribution to culinary pallets everywhere.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I was editing the page that’s why the texts overlap each other (I think so at least). I will try using different colors as you said (I’m not very good with colors myself). As for the empty bullets, its supposed to indicate that there are no pros to pineapple on pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I get it now. I missed that the first time around. I bought a color wheel at the craft store to help with my color patterns and downloaded an app for color schemes and read a bit about color theory. It has helped a lot!