First Survey form

This is the 2nd project I did on the platform. First of all I focused in do it responsive. Then I spent a lot of time customizing the element’s style.

Survey Form


You have created a survey form with a refreshing overall style with the dark theme. Good work!

This is my opinion on ways to improve your form:

  • First problem, Vim is not on the list of text editors (joke).
  • The input field placeholder text is too dark to read.
  • The margins are too wide in mobile view and the content is squished. With that form you can actually get away with out making media queries. Like this survey form.
  • The title id h1 element wraps at 900px width due to your media query. It would look better if it did not wrap.
  • Something to think about… Why the dollar sign next to the word “Commit”? (Just a nitpick).

Good job on the form!

Thanks for the feedback. The dollar sign is in bash terminal, that’s why a added it :sweat_smile:
I’ll take note of the issues!!!

this is a really cool survey form!! maybe add another code editor to the choice: inform.
that’s my favorite editor.
I really felt like I was on terminal when I pressed the submit button!

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Ha…love it :clap::laughing:

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