Fixed navigation hiding content .... solution?

Hi, Several of the projects in the responsive web design course ask for the header (navigation bar) to be fixed

Setting the position of an element to fixed or absolute takes the element out of the flow of the document which simply means the other element aren’t aware it exist. To solve this problem you have to adjust the top margin of the element directly below it or give the fixed position element a bottom margin sufficient enough to push the other elements down.

Thanks, yes, I’d tried both of those methods but feel dissatisfied with the result when viewing the page as a whole. It works OK when using a navigation anchor to jump to that point on the page but when scrolling down through the page I find the additional padding/margin unattractive and wondered if there was any other way of grabbing back that space …?

… and apologies the original message is curtailed! The question was about the top of other sections getting hidden under the fixed header :slight_smile:

Please share the link to your code

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