Flavor class to p element (step 33 basic css)

So, I’ve put in the order it’s asking me for, but I’ve added the class-name unless it’s character sensitive, I’ve added the flavor and everything, yet I still get it incorrect. Any advice or hints here?

Here’s my code:

 <p.class-name {flavor} French Vanilla</p>

link to the challenge:


The issue is that this isn’t how you add a css class to a html element.
You don’t need to add the phrase name or use curly brackets. Just the word ‘class’, and equals sign and the name of the class in brackets.

Like this

<p class="flavor">French Vanilla</p>

Hope this help!


Sorry about that, I forgot it was HTML. I was toiling around with it so much, that I got mixed up with class selectors and thought I needed that instead.


Fair enough! I sometimes catch myself mixing up css and html too. Usually mixing up when I should use = and : respectively.


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