Flexbox ranking layout

Hello Everyone ,
I made a simple responsive ranking layout with HTML and CSS Flexbox .
I am wondering if you could take a look and provide me with your remarks , critics and suggest improvements .
Here is the pen : https://codepen.io/malekhammou/full/oNvRbqX

I am looking forward to receiving your feedbacks .

I can’t test its responsiveness right now because I’m on a mobile phone but it looks nice :ok_hand: on my phone. Very neat actually!

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Thank you very much !

It looks good.

  1. I would give the .item elements some margin, it is especially needed when the elements stack to one-column.

  2. You should probably remove the default margin and padding on the .winners <ul>.

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Thank you @lasjorg ! You are right , visually items stacked to one-column look much better with some margin . I appreciate your smart remark :heavy_check_mark: