Font-size differences

Can someone explain to me how:

font-size: 56px;
font-family: georgia;


Is equivalent to:

Microsoft Paint,
Google Docs:

font-size: 42px;
font-family: georgia;

I haven’t the slightest clue about Paint or Google Docs, but I guess they use pt as units instead of px, and 42pt are 56px.
To convert: 1px = 0.75 * 1pt

I did more investigating, what does this tell you?

I’m not sure what you mean. The web measures font-size in px, so in CSS you use px. pt however is a unit to measure font-size when printing is involved, and 16px are 12pt.

The default browser font-size is 16px for instance, and in a lot of software like Microsoft Word where you can print out your documents, the default font-size is 12pt.

Pixels are on a computer screen. The software you cite is intended to make something which will be printed out. Points are the font size for printing.

It says, 42px, not pt.


Am I reading it wrong?

I am confused, can someone show me where in Google docs it says 42pt?

I don’t understand what it is you are using Google Docs for that makes you ask this question?

If you are using it as an editor for text what does it matter? If you are using it as some sort of prototyping tool, I would not suggest that at all. Use something like Figma, etc., instead of for that.

Edit: As for the question, I don’t actually know but looking at the API docs it does seem like it might be using PT.

textstyle => Dimension => Unit

The things is that it says neither 42px nor 42pt, it only says 42. And as lasjorg pointed out, Google Docs might be using pt as unit.