Font-size responsive (relative to the parent)

Hi everyone!

I want my title occupying the entire div, as in the figure. I would also like the font size to adjust as the div size changes (when the screen shrinks). I used “clamp” but it doesn’t follow the div as I want (always occupying the entire div), despite increasing and decreasing. How do I do it?


#title {
margin: 0;
font-size: clamp(25px, 25px + 3vw, 100px);
white-space: nowrap;
letter-spacing: 4px;
text-shadow: 2px 6px 3px #8c7b0f;
font-family: ‘Monoton’, cursive;

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I’m not seeing any obvious errors here. I think you are going to have to give us more information, such as the HTML you are using and any other CSS that might be affecting this. It’s probably best if you just give us a link to the project so we can see the whole thing and do our own testing.

The problem is that I want the font size to always be EXACTLY the size of the container. With clamp I can make it follow more or less the size of the parent, but it doesnt match always.

My code:

There is another problem in my code, as you will see. I’ve been trying to center the header in the center of the screen, but without success, even after using display flex. When I set a height of 100vh it centers for desktop screens but is not fully responsive. Should I do a separete post about it?

Which container? And when you say “size of the container”, do you mean you want it to stretch the entire width of the container?

Hmm, the content looks centered to me no matter what view port width I use. Maybe I’m not understanding exactly what you are trying to do?

Yeah, i think its like you said :“strecht” :thinking: I want the title to always start where the first image starts and always end where the second image ends!

About being centered,it is centered horizontally but not vertically. When I try to center it using height 100vh it behaves strangely when the screen shrinks

Did you fix this? Because it looks centered both ways to me.

Ahh, got it. You want the text to scale as needed so that it is always the same width of the two images. I’m not sure there is a single CSS property to do this. I did find the below article which seems to address this.

CSS-Tricks: Fitting Text to a Container

Yes! I was going to tell you I fixed it! It worked with display grid, but the images are not always 100% centered vertically and horizontally when the width decreases. In this image you can see that there is more space at the top than at the bottom.

Should I put some max height and min height for one of the divs so that doesn’t happen?

Many thanks for the article, I think this is the way to go!

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