For the first lecture of the Trillo project in the "Advanced CSS and Sass course " by Jonas Schmedtmann, my main.css isn't updating to the style css despite following the steps in the first video of that section

Here is the link to the lecture, but I don’t think its necessary

Whenever I make changes to main.scss file of my sass folder, the style.css file is also supposed to update automatically each time(and when that automatically updates each time, my web page , with help from liveserver SHOULD also update), but it hasn’t been doing that consistent whenever I make those changes in my main.scss file.

Here is my package.JSON File that shows all of the settings and configurations :

Here is everything I did in my terminal window for node.js/npm:

Here is my main.scss file:

Here is my style.css file:


And here is my Index.html file:

What could the issue be?

Edit: I’m blind you are running it. Sorry.

Did you run `npm run start` I don't see it in the console. In fact, you don't seem to be using the npm scripts at all.

If you have this script:

"scripts": {
  "commandToRun": "stuff to run"

You run it like this:

npm run commandToRun

So thats the EXACT command I type to automatically update my webpage everytime I make changes in one of my css files?

You did it right, npm run start I just didn’t see it.

Can you try something for me. Open the file in notepad and make a change and save see if it still errors out. There seems to be an issue with some editors and lack of atomic saving.

I’d also suggest maybe trying the latest version of node-sass. Uninstall the version you have npm r node-sass and then run npm i -D node-sass to get the latest version.