For the "Seek And Destroy" JS Challenge shouldn't the link associate with Solution 3 be to the "Rest Operator" and not the "Spread Operator"

For the “Seek And Destroy” JS Challenge shouldn’t the link associate with Solution 3 be to the “Rest Operator” and not the “Spread Operator”?

If not, please explain why please. In the docs the rest operator turns the values into an array, and the spread operator spreads them out.
Here’s the link to the challenge: freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Seek and Destroy

You are correct, Solution 3 was using Rest Parameters. I have changed the link.

I think the main confusion comes from this ... being an operator. Specifically, the spread operator, and maybe you could say rest operator, but I think, in either use case (syntax), it is referred to as using the spread operator for rest parameters. They are different syntaxes of the same operator. If that makes sense…

Okay. Thank you for changing the link. Your explanation makes some since to me. :slight_smile: