For the video makers, pls add darkmode in video

hi there,

to all the great ppl who produce the awesome (youtube) videos.

darkmode is sometimes a needed toolset for ppl with low vision, so as an accessibility tool please include a consistent darkmode throughout the whole video, or edit the video only in lightmode (so no dark vscode and commandlines).

because i can invert the screen to flip the colors to make it all readable, but flipping forth and back every minute is kind a hard to do, also makes it unpleasant to watch at nighttime too for normal vision ppl.

if you don’t like dark, choose a background color that invirts good.

hopefully one day there will be a better way to do realtime and automatic darkmode on videos, but please keep in mind, not everyone can read on white backgrounds.


Thanks for the feedback.

I am sending your thoughts to our Staff who manage the YouTube channels. Maybe we can improve the production guidelines on those. We have hundreds of contributors who record and produce videos, so this could be a bit tricky - nonetheless, we appreciate your feedback and will send it to the folks on the team.

Thanks & Happy coding.

Thanks for your feedback. We will keep this in mind for future videos. I will add something about this to the article we provide to people who are going to create videos for our channel.

But we can’t guarantee all videos will follow this. Sometimes videos are submitted to our channel and we don’t have a chance to give input before the video is created. And as I’m sure you are aware, there are certain topics where it is not possible to keep a consistent darkmode throughout the video.

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