Force directed graph img flag<

I try many variations and I cannot view img flag I nodes.

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I did before and if you read them that many did not have an answer. I invite you because you look from some answer you understand the svg and img. something like this and
I followed this m. bostock example and I hope I change the img source and will be done and I cannot found out why is not showing even the single element show.
I first ry the d3v4,but I assume that cannot handle img. and I hope you make that clear.
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SVG Code explanation:
An SVG image begins with an element
The width and height attributes of the element define the width and height of the SVG image
The element is used to draw a circle
The cx and cy attributes define the x and y coordinates of the center of the circle. If cx and cy are not set, the circle’s center is set to (0, 0)
The r attribute defines the radius of the circle
The stroke and stroke-width attributes control how the outline of a shape appears. We set the outline of the circle to a 4px green “border”
The fill attribute refers to the color inside the circle. We set the fill color to yellow
The closing tag closes the SVG image
Note: Since SVG is written in XML, all elements must be properly closed!