Forecast app not working with Skycons

I followed a youtube video of creating a weather app. I recreated the app and am now trying to use Skycons for a 7 day forecast. I have tried indexing the canvas and the icon id does work. I can see it in the console log. But I can not get the skycons to load. I can not see what I am doing wrong. Here is a snippet.

for (x = 0; x < dailyForecast.length; x++) {

                          //Setting forecast data for length of forecast

                          let day = dailyForecast[x];
                          //rotating thru week day

                          if (dayCalWeek > 6) {

                               dayCalWeek = dayCalWeek - 7;


                          let icon =[0].main;

                let displayDailyTemp = function (
                ) {

                     let uniqueIcon = 'icon' + x.toString();
                     let createSwiper =
                    `<a href='#' class='week swiper-slide'>
                          <div class='date-box'>
                               <div class='icon'>
                               <canvas id  ='icon' + ${x}  width='64' height='64'></canvas>

                     document.querySelector('.swiper-wrapper').innerHTML += createSwiper;

                     //Get Skycons to Display                   
                     setIcons(icon, uniqueIcon);
                //set icons

                let setIcons = function (icon, uniqueIcon) {
                          const skycons = new Skycons({ monochrome: false });
                          const currentIcon = icon.replace(/-/g, '-').toUpperCase();

                     return skycons.add(uniqueIcon,currentIcon);

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