Form - action doesn't work?

I have made a first form in html, but it seems not to work.
The action attribute does not responding (and i don’t understand why).

When i press “submit”, nothing is happening. Normally he should searching to
the “taco” map. But nothing is happening.
(and this is rather a mistery to me …)
thanksPreformatted text

<!DOCTYPE html>



        <title>Forms </title>



        <h1>forms HTML.</h1>

        <form action="/tacos">


                <label for="gebruikersnaam">Gebruikersnaam :</label>

                <input id="gebruikersnaam" type="text" placeholder="username" name="gebruikersnaam">



                <label for="paswoord">paswoord :</label>

                <input id="paswoord" type="password" placeholder="enter password" name="paswoord">



                <input type="color" name="kleur">



                <label for="nummer">Nummer :</label>

                <input  id="nummer" type="text"placeholder="number" name="nummer">


            <button type="button">Submit</button>



</html>`Preformatted text`

Instead of using <button>, you can use <input type="submit"> to submit a form.

Just a note, if you run the code locally, it will redirect to yourfile.html/tacos. If you don’t have tacos file, it will run an error.

i know about the type=“submit”, and now i did tried that, but the problem is,
that i am not getting a rediretion, and i don’t get a running error .
it does nothing, when i press the submit button

I tried to run your file with <input type="submit">.

It returned “File not found”

i found it: it doesn’t work on firefox.
On google chrome , it does work.
Why it’s not working on firefox ? I don’t know …
But anyway, i will keep working with google chrome …

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