Formatting time not working, why?

Im trying to complete this user story:
User Story #8: I can see an element with corresponding id="time-left" . NOTE: Paused or running, the value in this field should always be displayed in mm:ss format (i.e. 25:00).
Looking at lines 59 and 78 anyone know why my timeFormatter function is not working? It is working for this guy on minute 4:40 - youtube “Build a 25 + 5 clock | FreeCodeCamp”

My code:

Thanks for your time

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Challenge: Build a 25 + 5 Clock

Link to the challenge:

I’m trying to see your project but nothing appear, could you check that you have saved the pen and everything is working?

Actually, I just rechecked and it was a silly mistake I had made. It now works, thanks for your help anyway iehleen !

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