Forum theme testing?

You know, given how our forums are a huge staple of our operations at FreeCodeCamp, there really should be some way to perform regression testing on our forum theme. And maybe just maybe to preview it without needing a Meta (formerly Facebook) account.

This really is mostly a wishlist of features and I don’t expect anything to happen with these ideas any time soon. But it would make it a lot easier for me (and potentially others) to check things out.

Do you mean writing tests to cover regression scenarios? If yes - that’s a hard problem to solve because we do not have a CI/CD style process for this – due to the limitations of the setup.

  • We are hosted on Discourse’s infra and are managed by them.
  • We “install” and update the themes using the Admin UI within this forum.

And maybe just maybe to preview it without needing a Meta (formerly Facebook) account.

I don’t understand what you are talking about?

We don’t even have Meta as an login option.

But as a developer, you should already be able to:

You can learn more about themes in this comprehensive article and learn how to test your changes with theme creator using this article.


I wasn’t quite talking about logging into the FCC forums with Meta. I was talking about the article that was linked on the Readme. I can’t open up the Theme Creator that was linked on the article because it needs a Meta account.

Ah - so it is not the “Meta” you think it is (as in this is not facebook). This is - “Meta” is just the name of their forum.

“meta” often refers to something that is self-referential or discusses its own nature. It can also mean being aware of current trends and using that knowledge to your advantage.

Yes - it still means you will need an account on their forum to test it, but you are able to choose a method of your liking.

The alternative would be to install locally – for example using docker – but it is not very trivial to be honest.