Free Code Camp Forum: Review

How is my FCC Forum project?

The link to the project is -

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Hey @krishnasai3cks!

Congrats on your project, I think it looks good.

The only thing that I found interesting in both your project and the FCC example was that the number of replies does not get updated. So maybe that is something you can add to it. I am not as far along as you but I would imagine that would be possible to do.

Cause right now it looks like this.

You could choose to leave it the way it is but it was just an interesting observation.

Happy coding!

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I think because it is a new post so no one has replied yet.
I am getting the correct amount of replies in my screen

Hello @krishnasai3cks. Good day! Your project looks impressive (I was freaking out when I saw my profile pic in your project :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) Good work, but as @jwilkins.oboe said, some forum topics are showing “0” replies in it (not all). For example, this topic has a lot of replies in FCC, but not in your project:

FCC Forum:

Your Project:

You may need to fix it. Thanks.

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Ohh… Is it so. Then I have to fix it :thinking:

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