Free code camp legal structure

I am curious about the legal structure of FCC.

I am interested in creating an organization similar to FCC that operates as a nonprofit and will have similar funding mechanisms and expenses.

I see that it is a 501(c)(3) organization, but is it an LLC or a corporation or something else?

From the about page

Yea i saw that. I am looking for a bit more detail on this. A 501(c)(3) organization can be an LLC, UNA, corporation, or others. Just curious which category FCC falls into.

Sure thing. We are a Delaware-based C-corporation with tax-exempt status. This is pretty common for US-based nonprofits, since Delaware has the most established business law, and is thus the most predictable state to incorporate in.

My humble advice would be to see if you can find a local lawyer who may be able to help you file the necessary paperwork pro-bono. You will want to start the tax-exempt nonprofit process as soon as you can, as it can take a year or two. But before investing the time and money into that, I recommend just spending some time serving, and carrying out your nonprofit’s hypothesized mission, to ensure it’s something you want to do long-term.

Also, I strongly recommend listening to the back-catalogue of this podcast:


Thanks for the additional info and advice Quincy, this is super helpful.

And thanks for the podcast suggestion.

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