Free Code Camp radio +++ where is the link?

hey there!

i noticed a push note on the site when i log in >>>
it advertises a free code camp radio with selected tunes.
i really would like to try and listen BUT i can’t find the button on the homepage! (i switched off the note)

if anyone knows where to find the radio please explain.

thank you. zoltan

Você pode ouvir no canal do freecodecamp YouTube:

Ok thanks and where can i reach this on the website?


No site só aparece um push, não tem uma página no site para o rádio.

It’s just on the FCC YouTube channel:

chill lofi hip hop FTW!!!

sorry BUT no this is not a direct link to the radio.

please create one. form UX point of view >>> the site advertises something which can be interesting for some. than when i opt-out of the note … i cannot reach the service somewhere else.
(even is it a radio station or just selection of songs? and why on you tube? for audio files? (but that is another question all-together)).

so that leaves the user with confusion. (or the note is misleading) + it really should have a separate link (after all it is a whole new depth to the website (AUDIO !!!) and i would recommend to separate it form youtube and create a separate button for radio (saying RADIO or RADIO station).

please note my intention is to help and create a better UX for free code camp.
(if i may…)


nice station !

just sort out the link please. it is a new feature after all and quite many of us listens to music … during programming…


You can suggest improvements and enhancements in the form of a GitHub issue. FCC is an open source project, so if the suggestion is approved you can even make the changes yourself and submit them.

For more information about the radio station itself, all I can do is point you to the article about it on FCC’s medium publication:

ok thanks . will do that.


General advice about creating issues: The more clearly you can articulate the problem and the more specifically you can suggest a solution, the easier it is for people to address it.

ok. good to know. thx.

how can i make changes (add radio button) and submit them?

thank you for the info. will do that.