Free historical weather data api?

Hey there! I’m learning d3, and I’d like to build a react app that displays historical annual snowfall data for a variety of locations around Colorado with d3, and ideally I’d like to go back about 10years, so data from like 2010-2020 would be great. I know I could build a zillion things with d3, but this excites me, so I’d really like to give it a shot. The issue is that I can’t seem to find an API that will let me do that for free. I’m not looking to profit off this. I wouldn’t be doing a ton of api calls a day. I just want to make a little web app for it and publish it and put in on my portfolio.

Apparently Dark Sky used to be the shit, but they are no longer accepting new users and will discontinue support for existing users next year. All the other apis I’ve looked at end up having a monthly fee to get the data I want.

Any suggestions? Really not willing to pay money for this. Strictly looking for a free resource. Thanks!

Not an API, but try: Search | Climate Data Online (CDO) | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). You can get a dataset from there containing your choice of weather data at your choice of stations, within their limits. Then just store the data as a file and process/display it with D3 as you like.

I tried to pull all the Colorado snowfall data for 2010-2020 and it was too much. You could probably select a few stations at the major cities and resorts without problem.

NWS has all the weather data you could want, it’s just a matter of getting it easily…

What did you put for the observation type / dataset field to get that data?

“Daily Summaries” in the first form. After that you’ll have to do some paring down to get under the limits.

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