freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Build JavaScript Objects

Build JavaScript Objects


Hint 1

Objects are similar to arrays, except that instead of using indexes to access and modify their data, you access the data in objects through what are called properties.

Here’s a sample object:

var cat = {
  name: "Whiskers",
  legs: 4,
  tails: 1,
  enemies: ["Water", "Dogs"]

Objects are useful for storing data in a structured way, and can represents real world objects, like a cats.

here is the solution

// Example
var ourDog = {
“name”: “Camper”,
“legs”: 4,
“tails”: 1,
“friends”: [“everything!”]

// Only change code below this line.

var myDog = {
“name”: “Joe”,
“legs”: 4,
“tails”: 1,
“friends”:[“many”, “Ade”]