freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Comparison with the Strict Inequality Operator

Comparison with the Strict Inequality Operator

Problem Explanation

· Add the strict inequality operator to the if statement so the function will return “Not Equal” when val is not strictly equal to 17.


Hint 1

The strict inequality operator (!==) will return true if the first value is not equal to the second one taking value type into consideration.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
function testStrictNotEqual(val) {
  if (val !== 17) {
    return "Not equal";
  return "Equal";

// Change this value to test

Code Explanation

The function first evaluates if the condition (val !== 17) evaluates to true considering both value and value type. If it does, it returns the statement between the curly braces (“Not equal”). If it doesn’t, it returns the next return statement outside them (“Equal”).

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