freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Create a Controlled Input

Create a Controlled Input

Problem Explanation

Here the idea is to create a controlled input where the text updates from your state, not from the browser.

So to begin with we have a skeleton in which we have a class named ControlledInput and a state variable named input. Now all you need to do is take that state and when a change in the input box is observed trigger a function that changes the value inside that input box and in the paragraph below it.

So you first step will be making a function that changes the state variable input.

handleChange(event) {

Now your next step will involve creating an input box and trigger it when someone types anything. Luckily we have an event called onChange() to serve this purpose.

PS - Here is another way to bind this into a function

<input onChange = {this.handleChange.bind(this)}/>

But this just won’t serve your purpose. Although you might feel that its working. So what’s happening here is text updates from the browser not the state. So to correct this we’ll add a value attribute and set it to this.state.input to the input element which will make the input get controlled by state.

<input value = {this.state.input} onChange = {this.handleChange.bind(this)}/>

It can be a bit hard to digest but to make things further clear try removing the entire onChange thing so your code looks like this

<input value = {this.state.input}/>

Now run the tests again are you able to type anything?

The answer to it will be “NO” since your input box is getting value from the state variable input since there is no change in the state input(an empty string initially) which will only happen when you trigger the function handleChange() which will only happen when you have an event handler like onChange() hence the string inside the input box will remain as it is i.e, an empty string.