freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Create a Text Field

Create a Text Field

Problem Explanation

input could be classified as a generic tag: indeed it is characterized by its attribute type, which can assume a range of different values and based on that value then input will be rendered as a different object.

A few example of different type values:

type value code
text <input type="text" />
checkbox <input type="checkbox" />
radio <input type="radio" />
button <input type="button" />

The challenge want you to lay down a input tag with type set to text without modify the existing code; if something went wrong double check tag errors ( since input is self-closing you just need one tag, not a pair open-close ).
If you modified or deleted some parts of the provided code you can restart using the reset all code button.

Good luck!

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what do we include in the text?

Nothing Just use as follows thats all
< input type=“text”>

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