freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Hash and Compare Passwords Synchronously

Hash and Compare Passwords Synchronously


Hint 1

The code for this lesson goes between the //START_SYNC and //END_SYNC lines in your server file.

Hint 2

Use bcrypt’s hashSync() method to hash a plain text password with a specific number of salt rounds, and set the results to a variable.

Hint 3

Then use bcrypt’s compareSync() method to compare a plain text password against the variable.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
  • In the server.js file, add:
let hash = bcrypt.hashSync(myPlaintextPassword, saltRounds);
let result = bcrypt.compareSync(myPlaintextPassword, hash);

between the //START_SYNC and //END_SYNC lines.

  • Check the console to see the results from the methods.

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