freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Make Dead Links Using the Hash Symbol

Make Dead Links Using the Hash Symbol

Problem Explanation

A dead link is just an anchor element in place, syntactically correct, clickable that point to the top of the page when clicked without refreshing the content ( you can check this question on FCC forum for more in-depth analysis: What does Dead Link on HTML and CSS do?)

To create a dead link you first should write a normal anchor element (the challenge provides one, do not rewrite it) and then modify the href attribute as stated in the instructions.

If you have deleted or modified something in the original code other than the href attribute of the existing a tag remember that you can click on the reset all code button to restart with a clean code.

Good luck!


didn’t get the answer please suggest

Don’t replace “href” with “#”, replace the actual link with “#”. That’s what it means by replace the value of href attribute


i replaced actual link with a “#” and it wont let me continue

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How to pass it?I also changed the actual value of a tag’s href attribute,but it didn’t work.

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href ="#" not just #


I did exactly like that but it is not working.Please help :confused:

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Finally, an answer along with an explanation providing some clarification. Thanks for the extra effort! Much appreciated.

I’ve seen the hash tag used before in R and was getting frustrated after planting it all over the place without success. I really hate the “hint” button. If I don’t get the answer immediately I will try to suss it out on my own. If I have to resort to getting help I feel I’ve already spent enough time on it. If its a matter of syntax or a typo its usually a waste of time guessing where the error lies. Unlike the majority I dont have the luxury of time on my side.

I’m not a coder - I’m a 73 yr old with poor eyesight who used to write database code for my own business back in the days when 20 megabytes was considered a state of the art hard drive, graphics hadn’t taken over the world yet and Bill Gates hadn’t deconstructed competitors database engines and stolen their code for MS Office. I wrote a complete suite of software and after ten years with hundreds of accounts and thousands of parts in inventory still had 10 megs of storage free.

Think I spent three days in a course in R at Johns Hopkins last year trying to figure out why my code wouldn’t recognize a line of text. I had omitted a set of quotation marks. After many fruitless searches chasing other problems I finally quit in frustration. I’m building a website for seniors and trying to learn R for data analysis and microeconomics for analyzing seniors related problems in areas of ageism, generic prescription drug costs and health insurance. I’ll try to editorialize less here in the future. I noticed everyone makes an effort to keep their posts under 140 characters. Wonder why that is, lol?


I get the same error. But for solve it, I click on the menu “Map” and the select again the section, then make the corrections and it pass

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In my case, writing href=# without " " solved the problem


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The above works fine.

Here is the exact code that is correct.


Type # in place of the link and refresh the page, then submit.
This worked for me.

Hi there!

I don’t know if you guys need it but this work for me



try refresh the page. may this help you

Thank you so much for your help.

its really working?
i try it so many times but no respond