freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Match Numbers and Letters of the Alphabet

Match Numbers and Letters of the Alphabet

Problem Explanation

In this challenge, you are asked to return a collection of both numbers and letters extracted from a string. Our goal is to create a single regexp that captures the range of letters between h and s, and the numbers from 2 to 6.


Hint 1

Are you using the match() method? If so, then are you calling the method from the appropriate variable? i.e.

let input_string = "The string you are testing on";
let yourRegExp = /[h-s]/;
let correct_result = input_string.match(yourRegExp); // passes - returns characters H to S

let incorrect_result = yourRegExp.match(input_string); // fails - .match() is not a function

Hint 2

Did you remember to enable the regexp flags such as ā€œiā€ for ignoring case and ā€œgā€ for retreiving multiple values? If so, then are you including both the character case match for numbers AND letters?

let regexp = /[a-z1-100]/gi;
// above code returns all characters from A to Z, along with all numbers from 1 to 100
// this includes the letter A and Z and the numbers 1 and 100


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
let quoteSample = "Blueberry 3.141592653s are delicious.";
let myRegex = /[h-s2-6]/gi; // Change this line
let result = quoteSample.match(myRegex); // Change this line