freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Modify an Object Nested Within an Object

Modify an Object Nested Within an Object

Problem Explanation

  • Remember the object you want to change is two levels deep, dot-notation is easier to use in this instance.
  • Simply define the object and then use dot-notation to access the second object and finally the final element you wish to modify.


let myObject = {
  level_1: "outside",
  first_level_object: {
    level_2: "2 levels deep",
    second_level_object: {
      level_3: "3 levels deep"
//The following line of code will modify the data found in level_2.
myObject.first_level_object.level_2 = "level-2 has been reached";


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
let userActivity = {
  id: 23894201352,
  date: "January 1, 2017",
  data: {
    totalUsers: 51,
    online: 42

// change code below this line = 45;
// change code above this line