freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Render Conditionally from Props

Render Conditionally from Props


Hint 1

Use Math.random() with the ternary operator to return true or false.

Hint 2

Render the Results component within the GameOfChance component. Pass the variable expression to Results as a prop called fiftyFifty.

Hint 3

Correct the counter property of the state so that the handleClick() method increments it by 1.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)

In render() method use Math.random() as mentioned in the challenge description and write a ternary expression to return true if Math.random() returns a value >= 0.5, and false otherwise.

const expression = Math.random() >= 0.5 ? true : false

Then render the Results component in the GameOfChance component, passing a prop called fiftyFifty with a value of expression.

{ /* change code below this line */ }
  <Results fiftyFifty={expression} />
{ /* change code above this line */ }

Then, render the fiftyFifty props in the Results component.

  {this.props.fiftyFifty ? "You Win!" : "You Lose!"}

Change handleClick() with proper increment statement.

handleClick() {
    counter: this.state.counter + 1