freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Test if a Value Falls within a Specific Range

Test if a Value Falls within a Specific Range

Problem Explanation

To begin, locate the file “tests/1_unit_tests.js” and scroll to the suite of tests for ‘Comparisons’.

This file contains multiple suites of tests for the project, and this challenge requires you to make the tests in /** 10 */ pass.


Hint 1

approximately() requires a range to make the tests pass. The expected value for both tests is currently 1, so you need to find a range that allows for all values to be accounted for.

Hint 2

Check the error outputs, and try to understand what the +/- values in the errors mean with respect to a possible range of values.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
/** 10 - .approximately **/
// .approximately(actual, expected, range, [message])
// actual = expected +/- range
// Choose the minimum range (3rd parameter) to make the test always pass
// it should be less than 1
test('#approximately', function() {
  assert.approximately(weirdNumbers(0.5), 1, /*edit this*/ 0.5);
  assert.approximately(weirdNumbers(0.2), 1, /*edit this*/ 0.8);
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