FreeCodeCamp Drum Machine Project

Good evening to everybody. My name is Oscar and I’m currently working on my front end libraries certificate project drum machine. I’ve done most of it but I’m having trouble with some of the test cases , #5 and #6 are not passing. If somebody could please help me by looking over my code to see an error or mistake that I haven’t seen I sure would appreciate it. Also when I click or press the key some of the buttons don’t make the sounds. Here is the link:
hope to hear from you guys.

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upd: My sound issue theory was wrong, it’s not working only in Chrome…

Your keydown handler name is handleKeydown but in addEventListener/removeEventListener you use handleKeyDown

Thanks a for trying to help me, but it still doesn’t work . I fixed my misspelling but it has not pass the test cases.

There are issues with audio souces for some pads, you can see it in console and in tests fail description.
If I replace all sources with a file that can actually be played , everything works fine.

Uh! So the source of the sounds is the problem. Do you happen to have any suggestion of websites where I can find those sounds.

Check out this tread :wink:

Btw your app is working the way it is in Opera :no_mouth:

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I appreciate your time thanks a lot.

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Thanks a bunch for your posting it helped me finished my project and now all of my test cases have passed. I really appreciate your help God bless you.

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Yay! Congrats! :partying_face:
I’m happy it helped :wink: